Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mixing Business With Brazil...

1st Day's Sunrise in Macae, Brazil

Evening Sets over Macae's Broadwalk

Early morning, before the Sun shows up

Early Morning Sunshine on the South Atlantic

The Southeast Side of Macae

But my trip wasn't all sunrises and sunsets ... Divisional Office in Brazil

We head out to the drillship late Friday morning
Bob tells me about Macae's port, which is a little over 100 years old. I enjoyed the scenery and the ride - a little reminiscent of my Coast Guard days.

A what? A personnel basket hoisted high overhead by a crane is the only way onboard.

My first ride in a personnel basket, but no worries... always looking for an adventure!

We take a tour

Behind the Bridge of the ship lies the control room... six thrusters dynamically position the ship during drilling operations - the ultimate in station-keeping - making it capable of drilling in over 7,000 feet of water.

A steady hand. Deep in the hull - the engine room - Bob and Elton walk past the ship's original engine as I shoot. I love this shot - the shutter holds itself wideopen to capture the natural lighting, which is of course very dark. The camera captures the seeminly whispy human images in front of it. How ghostly... how I held my hands so steady is beyond belief!

By the look on Elton's face, they must be discussing business. We enjoy lunchtime in the ship's galley - very good food!

The real reason we're there... Elton shows the Materials Coordinator how to use the new SAP system that's now onboard all of our fleet

We head back to shore

I get in the last shot of the drillship


* * *

But then the weekend... what's a girl to do? Saturday afternoon, we were invited to join Israel's friends and family for food and fun.

Our very gracious hosts, Israel, our Brazilian colleague, and Helena, his lovely wife. Helena is an EXCELLENT cook! Wish you could have been there.

Removed from the rain and wind pounding down on Houston, we can't help but enjoy our hosts and their company.

But we kept a close eye on Hurricane Ike all day... how could we not?

Man, I was one white "gringa" among the dark skinned Brazilian beauties!

* * *

We leave Macae a few days later and head for Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, in my estimation, tops as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I will believe so until I see otherwise.

The cable car to and from the top of Sugar Loaf

Corcovado in the backgroud... a picture shot from Sugar Loaf. (007 fans know the infamous landmark, Sugar Loaf, from "Moonraker")

* * *

Shots of Rio from Sugar Loaf (below)

One of the last shots of the day... Copacabana Beach lies behind me

* * *

Thank you, LORD, for being so kind and gracious to me - You continue to give me the desires of my heart. Bless Your Holy Name!


Anonymous said...

Shalom Deborah,
This is Mom and I loved seeing your pictures of Brazil. How wonderful that the Lord can take you to to such fabulous places while you are still working in your position at Noble. You took some great pictures and it really came through that you were enjoying yourself and the people.

Is it for sure about Josh's car? God's ways are so past our understanding--I am just grateful that you were safe and all of your friends were so faithful. Many prayers have gone up for those who suffered such loss due to Ike--May we all turn to Him for comfort, wisdom, and direction.

This evening we enter into Yom Kippur and all that goes with that--repentance, fasting, and turning to our ABBA for His love and forgiveness.

What an awesome God we love and serve.

Much love and many blessings--
Shalom and Tzom kal (easy fasting)

Karin said...

What awesome pictures! Haven't touched bases in awhile how have you been? Daniel and I are moving into a house we rented in Dec. I can't wait! We don't have internet until then.. So I'm at the library. Oh well G-d is good! and He's good all the time! I probaly won't respond to any email you send because I don't get here often. Take care!
Shalom my friend!

Diana Edmonds said...

Your pictures brought back great memories from our days in Brazil. Megan still wants to go back someday! Your pictures on the drillship brought back memories too as I believe I am the only "Noble wife" to ever ride the personnel basket and tour a drillship. I had a blast!!

Great reading your blog and catching up on what you are doing! Take care!

Diana Edmonds

Jungle Mom said...

I had not been by here for were in Brazil?? Thats in my neck of the woods..I'm in Paraguay now.

Deborah said...

Love you, mom!

Karin... so good to hear from you! Glad to hear you and Daniel are doing well. You're in my thoughts and prayers often! Wow, look at the times we're heading into... surely, the end days. And to think how G-d has prepared the two of you - if any two people are spiritually and emotionally prepared and positioned to get through tough times, you and Daniel are. Baruch HaShem! I say, "Aliyah... soonest!" :)

Oh, man, Diana... long time, no hear. How funny that you should stop by to say "hello" this weekend... your ears must have been ringng... Tony's name came up in a meeting on Friday regarding Brazil. You got to ride in a personnel basket? What a thrill, huh?! Yeah, we get up next to the drillship and they show me this personnel basket and tell me how it works... when it's far too late for me to say "no." But I didn't blink... they never knew my knees were knocking together! =P

Hey Rita... that's right, you're in Paraguay. It's so beautiful down there! The terrain along the central coast of Brazil is so beautiful. Is it mountainous in Paraguay? Hope all is going well for you and family! As mentioning to Karin, you and your family are in a safe place considering the times we are apparently heading into. Maranatha!

God bless all of you abundantly! Pray without ceasing!