Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike: My Family and Friends Are Safe

Hurricane Ike
(Photo by NASA)

I can't believe the biggest Hurricane to hit Houston in over one hundred years hit while I was away from home.

Galveston, Texas after devestating hurricane that killed more than 8,000 in 1900

(ABC News)

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, business had me in Brazil. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there to take care of my own home and my kitty, Beauregard.

My friend, Lynette, and her husband, Bob, were so very gracious... Lynette packed up and picked up Beauregard before Ike hit to take him into their home. Thankfully, Beauregard did not have to ride out the storm alone nor did he have to endure being in an apartment without ventilation in the wake of the Ike. Many thanks, Lynette and Bob!

Furthermore, I was not there to ensure there was not any water entrusion in my home. My friend, Tom, however, went out of his way to run by my apartment to survey for damage - none to report - thank you so much, Tom! Hugs and kisses!

My grandbabies and daughter-in-law were safe in northern Texas, near the Oklahoma boarder. My son was in Houston but stayed at his friend's home to ride out Ike. Please, pray for my son and his family, though. They have certainly lost the new vehicle they bought last March to Ike's storm surge, winds, and rain along the Louisiana coast. Last week, the car broke-down somewhere along Hwy 82, about 20 to 25 miles east of Port Arthur, Texas, when Josh was driving to Cameron, Louisiana, to catch the crewboat going out to the offshore drilling rig on which he works. Josh did not have enough money to get his car towed and fixed until he got paid this past Friday. But obviously, Hurricane Ike altered Josh's plans to get the car to a garage to get it fixed. Please pray for them... pray God will give them wisdom and bless them beyond their expectations! They are very young and inexperienced... and now, they have to deal with an insurance claim in trying to recoup the loss. Josh and Collette really need two cars since Josh drives 8 to 12 hours round trip every two weeks to work and Collette has two babies to raise by herself while Josh is offshore for two weeks of every month.

The only fortunate thing about being in Brazil right now is that I am sitting in an air conditioned hotel room that has a beautiful veiw of the Atlantic ocean.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers for my family and friends... thank you!!!! From all reports, my loved-ones are safe. Even though Josh and Collette lost their new vehicle, they are safe and sound... and that's all that counts! Thank you, LORD God, for your lovingkindness!

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