Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Jewish and Christian Zionist Friends...

Avi Lipkin

Recently, I had the privilege of hearing a conservative Jewish man, Avi Lipkin, speak on the realities of Islam, not once, but twice in one week. Avi is a family friend who is known by my brother and mother, but I heard Avi speak for the first time last year and was absolutely riveted by the depth of his knowledge about Islam. His message is powerful and his information current since his Jewish wife of 37 years, Rachel, is from Egypt and listens to the Arabic Islamic broadcasts all day long as required by her career as a journalist in Israel... so Avi is in the "know". (Avi, a native New Yorker, made Aliyah 40 years ago.)

If you have the opportunity to catch Avi Lipkin during his tour of the U.S. and Canada and invite him to your synagogue or church, I guarantee he is worth the effort!

God has blessed me in placing me in Houston, Texas, where there is a group of dedicated Christian Zionist, Hineni Ministries, whose hearts are turned toward God, Israel, and the Jewish people. This group typically meets once a month to hear and support Jewish guest speakers, Israeli and non-Israeli alike. I have had the privilege of sitting in meetings and listening to Ari Abramowitz, International Center for Biblical Zionism, and Avi Lipkin... just to name a couple of the excellent guests our group has hosted.


Chris said...


God has given you a great heart for the Jewish people; this is so refreshing in the church today where most ignore Israel. Thank you for letting us know about Avi Lipkin and his ministry. Do you know if any of his lectures are available online?

God bless,

Deborah said...

Hi Chris,

Avi does have some online material (http://www.vicmord.com/Onlinelessons.html), and he also has several CDs and DVDs available at his online bookstore (http://www.vicmord.com/shop.html).

Thank you for your blog, The Christian Journey... it's such a blessing! And I'm so thankful for your interest in Israel, the Jewish people, and the greatest threat today to both Jew and Christian: radical Islam.

God is so good... He is definitely sparking a fire for Israel in the hearts of more and more people within the church and calling them to pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Truly, we are watching prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes! Praise God! Or in the Hebrew words of our Jewish friends, "Baruch HaShem!"

God bless you and yours!


Chris said...


Thank you very much for the kind words. It is wonderful to know that someone is being blessed by my writings.

Have a very Merry Christmas!